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Curated documentaries

Pluto and Beyond


Is Anybody Out There?


Let There Be Life

Quantum Physics

Seeing the Beginning of Time


A Journey to the End of Time


Einstein's Nightmare

Quantum Physics

Einstein's Extraordinary Universe

Black Holes and the High Energy Universe

The Thunderbolts Project

Astrophysics and plasma

The Royal Vox Post sélection


A documentary film on Greece debt crisis called Debtocracy International Version (Greece), multilingual subtitles. 

The Royal Vox Post

Curated documentaries

The pirate bay

By Simon Klose with Gottfrid Svartholm, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij.


By the authors of "Debtocracy".

Track of the Tuna

By Michael Leja, Sigurd Teshe

4.1 miles

By Daphne Matziaraki

Space rush (2015)

If Brains are Computers, Who Designs the Software ?

By The Royal Institute, with Daniel Dennet.

The Aliens Are Coming! with Ben Miller and Jim Al-Khalili

By The Royal Institute, with Actor Ben Miller.

The Royal Vox Post Documentaries selection

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